DM Roads offers a range of services for the transport sector, incorporating traditional road network maintenance, and Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) for state and local government. 

Our ITS operations in Queensland have expanded since the inception of the business in July 2015, to secure the City of Gold Coast Council ITS maintenance contract, the Morton Bay Regional Council ITS contract and the preferred supplier for the maintenance of traffic signal infrastructure for Brisbane City Council.  

Our digitalised maintenance practices, including paperless data collection, real-time asset reporting, state-of-the-art fault management centre and bespoke asset management application (App) highlights our drive for industry best processes. 

DM Roads and Downer has been responsible for the delivery of route and programmed maintenance services in the North Coast District of Queensland since 2013.  

Some of our work in QLD

ITS Maintenance  

DM Roads delivers traffic signal maintenance services for the Moreton Bay Region and the City of Gold Coast, providing maintenance and minor upgrade works, including 24-hour call out monitoring services and preventative maintenance 7 days a week for all traffic signals and lighting. 

Solar Lighting  

We also commenced a project to supply and install solar lighting for pathways around Lake Orr on the Gold Coast, which delivered an efficient lighting solution for the community at a fraction of the cost to install and power.  

In addition, we delivered a project to construct a new signalised pedestrian crossings on behalf of Gold Coast City Council in less than eight weeks, which included to construction of a new bus stop, footpaths, pram ramps, kerbs and channel, as well as construction of signalised pedestrian crossings and installation of new asphalt surfaces and line marking.  

North Coast District Road Asset Management Contract  

Through our North Coast District Road Asset Management Contract, DM Roads works collaboratively with our customers to provide a holistic approach to the provision of asset management services to ensure the road network remains safe and serviceable. Our services include the planning and delivery of road resurfacing, roadside signage and furniture maintenance, pothole and road pavement repairs, vegetation management, graffiti and litter control, and emergency response management.