Asset inspections form a crucial part of any asset management strategy

Preserving the optimal condition of existing pavements and the planning of pavement rehabilitation through asset management strategies all begins with knowledge of the asset.

DM Roads recognises asset inspections form a crucial part of any asset management strategy. It is used to supplement other data streams or form the foundation of data-driven decision-making processes such as identifying preventative work, quality assurance and managing whole-of-life costing.

Maintaining more than 36,000 kilometres of Australian roads, DM Roads understands the asset planning cycle and can assist with end-to-end data management. From network level data collection projects to tailoring inspection programs, DM Roads will always advise on appropriate programs that meet client objectives and deliver road user expectations.

This data-driven approach results in precise selection of pavement treatments, enabling transparency and ensuring safety, quality and extended reliability of road networks.

Field inspections
DM Roads is ISO 55001 Asset Management System accredited, the most stringent international standard available in the industry. We adopt these methodologies to conduct inspections on our contracts to maintain real-time knowledge of the network, identify asset condition information to inform routine maintenance programs and provide assurance that road network maintenance services are achieving key performance indicators. Field inspection services include:

  • Defect and hazard identification
  • Detailed asset condition rating
  • Asset risk assessment inspections
  • Field reporting
  • Level 1 bridge inspections
  • Footpath inspections.

Network level data collection

Although DM Roads does not own data collection services, we offer end-to-end process management on behalf of our customers. This includes assistance with:

  • Developing data collection specifications
  • Subcontractor management
  • Quality audits
  • Data cleansing
  • Data integration into client systems.
  • Road condition data collection can be provided by several suppliers nationally. DM Roads works with customers to ensure the supplier selection process meets key objectives and outcomes of service delivery.

Data analytics
DM Roads draws on our experienced subject matter experts and data analysts to provide other value add services such as

  • Data visualisation, which can be offered through DM Roads or customer preferred platforms
  • Data analysis and reporting facilitated by our team of specialists to build long term asset management plans
  • Advanced data analytics and predictive modelling.

To discuss your bespoke inspection management services, contact us today.

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