Sustainability is part of our DNA

We embrace sustainable practices across all areas of our business by operating in an environmentally sustainable manner that delivers financial growth and value for our customers and advances the communities in which we operate.

Developing and delivering environmentally sustainable solutions is our priority. We have a strong role to play in delivering a sustainable future.

We are committed to sustainable change, reducing our GHG emissions, and those of our supply chain and customers to minimise climate change. A key focus area is the decarbonisation of our fleet through EVs and alternate fuel vehicles.  see: DM Roads is going electric!


Central to our sustainability approach is our Zero Harm philosophy.

Zero Harm means working in an environment that:

  •  Safety

    supports the health and safety of our people;

  •  Enviornment

    minimises the impact that our business has on the environment; and

  • Advance

    advances the communities where we work.

Zero Harm