In June, DM Roads commenced a project to supply and install solar lighting for pathways around Lake Orr on the Gold Coast. Due for completion in September, the project will deliver significant cost savings for the community and an efficient lighting solution.  

While still underway the project has posed several key challenges which the team has worked to overcome. Lake Orr is a high-profile area, with heavy community foot traffic. Its location has required a hands-on approach to community engagement, with the team conducting on-site engagement with residents supported by a structured community and stakeholder engagement plan, delivered by the Gold Coast City Council.  

Additionally, footings for the solar lights need to be installed in tidal areas with limited access due to space constraints. The team worked with their supply-chain to engage a crane truck operator with the specialist equipment to be able to install the poles, as well as hiring smaller civil plant to work with the limited access available on site.  

To deliver additional cost savings and provide a better community outcome, the lights have been programmed to run at 100% for the first five hours of the evening – during peak periods on the pathway around the lake, before dropping to 45% for the rest of the night. The program, which can be adjusted as needed for each light, reduces the risk of light pollution complaints while also saving the life of the solar light heads.