Critical rock stabilisation works are underway along Gorge Road in South Australia to help improve safety for motorists. These works are being delivered on behalf of the SA Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) by our local DM Roads team and specialist subcontractor RW Solutions.

The project will make the road safer by removing loose rocks, which pose a fall hazard to motorists, and by installing rock bolts and rockfall mesh to further reduce risk and provide added protection.

DM Roads SA Roadside Manager Scott Rodda said that the team worked with DIT and RW Solutions to design the right solution for the location.

“DM Roads worked closely with our customer and a local contractor to deliver the works drawing on the local knowledge and experience of RW Solutions to deliver a fit for purpose solution,” Scott said.

“We also wanted to ensure the works would be delivered ahead of heavy winter rains, which can destabilise the work area and present delivery challenges, and after the bushfire season when the road acts as an important evacuation route.”

Scott said he was proud of what the team had been able to achieve given the unique conditions along Gorge Road.

“This section of Gorge Road can be windy and the rock face steep, so I am really proud of what we have been able to achieve in this environment,” he said.

“It’s been very rewarding to see the project progress knowing that it will result in safer journey for road users.”