A road binding trial was successfully completed in the Victorian Yarra Ranges in May. 

The team trialled HaulPac, a special blend of bitumen emulsion used in the mining industry to improve both haul roads and light vehicle roads. It was trialled on a 1km section of the high-traffic and high-speed unsealed Basin-Olinda Road. 

The road had experienced issues with corrugations in dry weather and potholes in winter, as well as being in a residential area which was sensitive to dust issues during dry weather. High traffic volumes and large boulders in the area posed maintenance complexities. 

Downer has used HaulPac in the mining industry for several years with great success. The team were confident that the results could be transferred to the local Government area, providing the same benefits to unsealed public roads. 

The trial received positive feedback from the Yarra Ranges Shire Council and delivered immediate results, reducing dust emissions and the need for watering, while improving safety. A key achievement of the trial was the reduction in maintenance, a scheduled grading for June was cancelled as it was not required. 

The trial site will continue to be monitored with re-application of the product as needed to maintain the surface. Pleasingly the Council is looking at other sites throughout the area for similar trials. Congratulations to the entire team!