Our Sydney team in partnership with Transport for NSW have completed a five year rehabilitation project on the northbound side of Ryde Bridge, Rhodes.

With shifts running day and night, the project has just wrapped up phase two which included replacement of the bridge joints and application of new water proofing to the road deck and footpath including resurfacing of the road.

Phase one, completed in 2019 included several new installations and replacement of traffic barriers, beams, streetlight poles and spans on the southern end of the bridge.

The team were faced with a unique set of challenges in delivering this project. The bridge is used by 13,000 vehicles each day and is regularly featured in the morning traffic report due to congestion.

As the bridge is already so heavily used, the traffic plan to complete the work without impacting traffic flow required detailed planning.

The team were also working at heights, over water in a high density commercial and residential zone. These conditions, along with the removal and application of hazardous materials imposed additional safety, noise and environmental risks.

In order to complete the work, the team designed and installed an access system under the bridge that would allow traffic on and below the bridge to continue to flow and avoid overloading the weakened bridge structure.

The construction methodology developed to avoid permanently closing a traffic lane across the bridge was a key achievement for the team working on the project.

Scaffolding on the bridge piers and site compound at Llewellyn Street will be removed in the coming weeks as the team prepares to call it wrap on this project.

Congratulations to our Sydney team for a massive job well done!

For more information on the Ryde bridge works see the Transport for NSW website.