In 2020, our team in Western Australia entered a joint initiative with our partners at Main Road WA (MRWA), to provide employment opportunities to local indigenous group the Martu people through road construction and maintenance projects.

One year on and our new members of the DM Roads community continues to pay dividends. The team are working on the Goldfields Highway Re-Sheeting project which is nearing its completion. The reconstruction of the highway carries heavy
significance to the group as it runs through their country. This connection to the land drives the group to carry out their work with pride.

Project Manager Ian Garnett has praised the culture within the team as the different cultural backgrounds have given each team member an opportunity to learn more about each other.

“We have a very close team, both within the Martu workgroup and external team members,” Ian said.

“Our non-indigenous staff members have enjoyed the cultural exchange as, in some cases, they would not be able to experience the bushcraft skills of the Martu, their food and culture firsthand as they have been able to on this project.”

The Martu have strongly focussed their training on Traffic Management and the operation of heavy plant vehicles. This project has also provided unique training and employment opportunities for Martu women, close to their families and on-country.
Martu women have worked with their trainers and DM Roads to self-determine employment pathways more suitable to them, as they balance family, culture and employment. This has empowered Martu women to participate in meaningful employment on projects of community benefit.