Our DM Roads crews service the community whenever and wherever possible.

It’s no wonder that our central maintenance crew stopped to help a woman stranded on the side of the road whilst on their morning route along the Great Eastern Highway in Kalgoorlie, WA.

Jessica Girdler had been through a lot that morning before our crews found her.

“My car had a tyre pressure fault,” recalled Ms Girdler

“I had no signal at all to make a call or get any help let alone use maps to find out where I was. I was stuck, all alone in the middle of nowhere… changing a tyre is a lot harder to do when you’re on a major highway”.

With some reprieve Ms Girdler managed to change to her spare tyre with help from a member of the public. However, her fortune was short lived when her spare tyre gave way 3 kilometres down the road.

Enter our DM Roads crew.

Leading Hand Tent Brownly, Crew Member Matt Cracknell and Trainee Gavin Smith immediately pulled to the side of the road when they noticed Ms Girdler.

In true Zero Harm fashion, the men put their beacons on and radioed other traffic to warn them of a traffic hazard close to the side of the road.

Our crew assisted Ms Girdler from start to finish. From accompanying her to the nearest mechanic to purchase a replacement tyre to fitting the tyre back on to her car and ensuring she was safe and okay.

“When I told the crew my story the first thing they asked was “are you okay?” that was so nice to hear. I smiled and knew I was in good hands,” said Ms Girdler.

Road Maintenance Supervisor Craig Levings says that our crews help members of the public regularly.

“There’s been occasions where crews have given up their lunch and water as they come across families that have broken down and have been stranded for hours with no supplies,” Craig said.

“Our crews do whatever they need to do to get members of the public moving safely again. This could mean running them into town for repairs, this is approved by myself as their supervisor and our client Main Roads Western Australia.”

Our hats go off to Matt, Trent and Gavin for going above and beyond their day-to-day role with DM Roads.

Fantastic work guys!