There has been lots of excitement at our South Australian depots over the past month with the arrival of new plant, including five custom-made maintenance loop trucks and a new live-bottom trailer, as we work to modernise our road maintenance fleet.

Upgrades to the DM Roads’ SA fleet will improve safety for our teams on the road and enable greater efficiency in the delivery of services to our customers.

A new grader, live-bottom trailer and prime mover has replaced a three-way tipper truck in the regional north enhancing safety for our crews and eliminating the potential to hit power lines or roll on the side.

Custom designed maintenance loop trucks are also delivering a range of benefits for the metropolitan maintenance team.

The trucks — which were designed with input from the operational team — were built to deliver improved safety, effective access and better storage solutions.

“VMS boards on the loop trucks provide increased visibility while the inbuilt stairs assist with safer access to the rear tray,” SA Construction and Maintenance Lead Mathew Elliott said.

​“In addition, the improved cabinet design with dual side access enables workers to retrieve the tools they need away from live traffic,” he said.  

A new tandem tipper with profiling attachment and float trailer will also support more effective delivery of asphalt patching works in the metro area, reducing the impact of works on motorists and nearby residents.

SA Contracts Manager Tim Stanford said “the arrival of the new fleet in SA demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the safety of our people and achieving efficiency through innovation.

“Long term contracts combined with increased spending in the infrastructure space has provided certainty to industry and created an environment that supports greater investment in people, plant, equipment and training – which is exactly what DM Roads is doing”.