Our North East Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) contract in Victoria are giving local youth the opportunity to undertake work experience, paving the way for future employment opportunities for the students.

The new initiative is part of a social procurement program funded by GAME Traffic Control – one of NEMAs largest sub-contractors.

The program assists local youth to transition from secondary school to employment or further education through various means of support.

The program has seen an increase in student numbers from 32 in 2011, to over 1,000 in 2019, thanks to increasing interest and support of the program’s positive social impact.

NEMA are proud to be contributing to and supporting a program that has a significant and sustainable impact on the local economy and community, while also providing value for money for our client.

The first student of the initiative, Mitch Hyland, joined the NEMA Projects Team for a week in December.

He spent time checking out road maintenance and construction sites, asphalt plant, depots and traffic management set ups across the network.

He worked with a number of employees to gain an understanding of the safety, environmental and quality aspects of the work.

“I would like to thank everybody involved for the opportunity to do this work experience. I would definitely recommend it to any student to do if they have the chance,” said Mitch.

NEMA will continue to build on the program into the future and provide openings for students to gain insight into the industry and acquire real skills to become job-ready, in a safe and nurturing environment.

The program also allows NEMA to expand their talent reach into the future and source people locally to continue to give back to the community and local economy.