Our North East Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) team has successfully completed a pavement rehabilitation on the Great Alpine Road, Mount Hotham, Victoria.

The Great Alpine Road is considered the mountain equivalent to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and winds through the Victorian Alps, connecting Wangaratta in the north to Bairnsdale in the east.

Despite a number of challenges the team successfully carried out work at two sites, a 1,400 metre section at Hotham Heights and a 250 metre section at Dinner Plain. The pavement at both sites were severely damaged and unlikely to hold up over another freezing winter, making the works vital to maintain traffic flow during the busy snow season and to keep the tourist route safely open.

Road construction at the high altitude site can only be carried out within a small time frame due to extreme weather conditions. Carting material had to be closely managed due to road bleeding from the summer heat and potential damage to pavement from heavy vehicle movements. The rehabilitation was also delayed by road closures due to the January bushfires. The start of work was pushed out and the team worked tirelessly to get the road constructed and asphalt laid before ground temperatures dropped too low.

The method of construction was designed with consideration to the damaging freeze and thaw effect that subzero ground temperatures can have on road surfaces.

Our NEMA team worked with specialists in frost free pavement design and constructed these works using frost free pavement techniques and materials to increase the longevity, stability and durability of the pavement through extreme temperatures.

Well done to everyone involved!

Great Alpine Road before pavement rehabilitation.

Great Alpine Road construction under way.

 Great Alpine Road after pavement rehabilitation.

 Great Alpine Road after pavement rehabilitation.

Tom Harrison, Project Manager for NEMA