Our North East Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) and Mornington Peninsula contracts in Victoria were recently recommended for the ISO 55001 certification. This extends the list to three contracts to be recommended for ISO certification this year. In June our NSW ITS Stewardship Maintenance contract obtained their ISO 55001 certification. 

The DM Roads Asset Management team from NEMA and Mornington worked diligently to finetune all systems, processes and procedures to fall in line with the ISO requirements. This work ensures consistent quality of all our systems, processes and procedures going forward. 

During the audit conducted by BSI, evidence was obtained for multiple categories, including risks and opportunities, documentation for our Asset Management System, resource management, communication and information management, along with contractor management. 

The DM Roads NEMA and Mornington contracts represent the first of their kind in Australia. Mornington the first local government contract and NEMA the first alliance contract in partnership with Department of Transport (DoT) to achieve such recognition.

Delivery Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Chris Godsil notes that this accomplishment further demonstrates that DM Roads are best in class in the services we provide for the clients we serve.

“For Mornington and NEMA this demonstrates our ability to extract the maximum value out of our customers assets.”

Our NEMA contract, in partnership with DoT, have serviced the north eastern Victoria region for more than 10 years, performing road network maintenance and construction for over 4,000 kilometres of road.

DM Roads Mornington Peninsula maintains 1,784 kilometres of road within the Mornington Peninsula Shire. The contact, now in its fifteenth year, completes routine road and drainage maintenance, line marking, beach and barbecue sanitary cleaning, litter collection and street sweeping.

Congratulations to our Mornington and NEMA teams!