Making a Difference in the Community

A small effort from the DM Roads team can have a great impact on community members while they use our assets to travel throughout the network. Since the beginning of the ITS contract, DM Roads have provided assistance to members of the community who rely on traffic signals to go about their days safely.

We maintain approximately 300 traffic signal intersections in regional NSW, with about 10% of these being around Albury.

In 2017, the Transport Management Centre was alerted by a member of the Albury community who advised TMC that they were having difficulty hearing the audio signals at an intersection.DM Roads went out to Albury to meet with the community member to see how we could help.

While the system was in working order, the community member was hard of hearing and struggled to hear the signal. The problem was easily solved by turning the volume up to its maximum level. The team also went the extra step of following the community member on his usual route to ensure that he could hear all signals adequately.

During the visit, DM Roads were introduced to the Albury City Council Access Committee, an organisation dedicated to advocating for people with a disability and the accessibility issues they face in the city.

As a result, DM Roads are now actively working with the committee to enhance the lives of the local community while they go about their daily routine.

Enabling people to move around their city both comfortably and safely improves the quality of life for individuals with a disability. The entire team is to be congratulated for going the extra mile for the communities we serve.