LED lighting program delivered successfully

Innovation and ingenuity from DM Roads’ ITS team has resulted in the successful delivery of the 2018 LED Lighting Program across New South Wales, saving time, energy and costs. It comes in conjunction with ITS taking over as the sole street lights maintenance provider in NSW earlier this year.

ITS was engaged by Roads and Maritime Services to replace high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with LEDs at 11 sites across the state. Upgrading to the newer technology will reduce energy consumption by one-third, bringing with it lower maintenance and energy costs. The 500 lights, an increase from the proposed upgrade of 430 lights, is a small part of the 10,076 assets that ITS now manage.

The upgrade also saw the trial of various smart control systems, integrated into the street lighting assets, which allows the lights to be monitored remotely from the control room or a laptop. The systems are able to constantly monitor outages, faults and damages. Not only are asset issues identified faster, but maintenance personnel are able to diagnose and plan for the repair without the need for an initial site inspection.

The lights themselves were custom designed by Dan Gray, Street Lighting Supervisor and Subject Matter Expert at ITS. They were wired in such a way so that the control system could be installed in the post of the street light – rather than in the head – allowing it to be accessed without an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) truck. This eliminates the risk of working at a height while reducing time and costs associated with plant use.

Continuing the trend of efficiency, hours of pre-planning at the Silverwater office resulted in the lights being ready for installation as soon as the crew were on site. This saved a considerable amount of time and money for the client.

The first upgrade was completed on the Olympic Highway in Albury. Thanks to 65 hours of pre-planning off-site, only 4 out of the forecasted 12 shifts were used to install almost 130 lights. It only took the ITS crew three months to install 500 lights all over the state. The last LED light was upgraded on the Stockton Bridge in the Hunter region at the end of May.

The team at ITS should be congratulated for their new role as NSW’s sole street lights maintenance provider and for their ingenuity in planning and delivering the lighting upgrades.