Introducing our Nudge Technical Trainee of the Year!

Earlier this month, Jayden Ugle took out the Nudge Technical Trainee of the year for his outstanding performance over the duration of his traineeship.

If that wasn’t enough, Jayden continues to impress also being named as one of the (three finalists) for both the Trainee of the Year and Aboriginal Trainee of the year for the WA National Training awards!

Jayden has come a long way since starting with DM Roads and he attributes his motivation to his young family.

“My son Jayden Jr. he’s four years old. I’m trying to be the father I never had growing up.”

In speaking to Jayden’s supervisor, Paul Birchall from Main Roads Western Australia he had nothing but praise for Jayden’s work ethic.

“Jayden has shown great attitude and a strong work ethic since he started with DM Roads in 2018 as a Civil Construction Trainee,” Paul said.

“He has always taken on any task with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, and it’s been a pleasure to watch his progress.”

DM Roads would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the team in supporting Jayden throughout his traineeship.

Along with his hard work, Jayden looks to take up a mentoring role for all new trainees and he shares his advice to those looking to accomplish a similar path to him.

“Be eager to learn and never be afraid to ask questions. You will work with a lot of different people; it never hurts to take a step back and watch what they do differently and take in the best parts of their work and apply it to yours.”

Jayden has been a trainee with our Perth Metropolitan contract for just over two years. He recently completed his Certificate III in Civil Construction and was offered a full-time role with DM Roads.