Our NSW ITS Metro-West Stewardship Maintenance contract was recently recommended for the ISO 55001 certification deeming it the first for any ITS contract within Australia. 

After achieving ISO 55001 – Asset Management recertification for the Sydney North Zone (PSMC), North West State Road Network Maintenance Services contract in Tasmania, and the Western Region Maintenance Contract (MRAMS) in Melbourne, we wanted to further demonstrate our industry leading system by certifying our ITS Contract – Metro West to the highest international standard. 

Our ITS team along with the DM Roads Asset Management team worked tirelessly to fine tune all systems, processes and procedures to fall in line with the ISO requirements. This work ensures consistent quality of all our systems, processes and procedures going forward. 

During the four day audit conducted by BSI, evidence was obtained for multiple categories, including Risks and Opportunities, documentation for our Asset Management System, resource management, communication and information management along with contractor management. 

Questions relating to the knowledge of our asset management systems were asked and at the conclusion of the audit, recommendation was given for the ISO 55001 certification. This demonstrates the systems and people were built with a solid foundation comprising of the correct information, systems and processes to effectively manage ITS assets on a large scale

The DM Roads ITS contract will be the first of its kind in Australia to achieve ISO 55001 status, which further exemplifies the quality standard we provide to TfNSW and other clients we serve.

It demonstrates our leadership and capability to optimise the asset lifecycle on behalf of our customers and ensuring they get the maximum value out of the assets we maintain through a well-structured and robust asset management system.

Congratulations to our NSW ITS team and all our other contracts on their recertification!