Our team in Western Australia, in partnership with Main Roads WA (MRWA), are taking to the streets to clean up graffiti all around the state.

Since COVID-19 hit Australia, graffiti numbers are up 30% in Perth.

Main Roads WA are hitting back against vandalism with the use of hidden cameras that monitor and watch graffiti hotspots.

Our very own DM Roads crew, dubbed the Graffiti Task Force, rove sections of Perth to clean up what vandals have left behind.

In May alone, our team have removed more than 8,367 square metres of graffiti.

They’ve been able to achieve this by sending out two crews daily and one night crew every four weeks to locations that require clean up.

To remove the tagged walls, the crews use solvents to break down the graffiti and a pressure spray to wash off what is left over or painting over the affected sections completely.

Well done to our Perth team and keep up the great work!