DM Roads is working with Cumberland City Council to conduct a landmark Australian trial using emerging technology developed by UK based company, Gaist.

The company surveys critical infrastructure to provide their customers with the highest level of detail, analysis and modelling of their infrastructure.

Gaist have performed a 100-kilometre trial of detailed video capture of the Cumberland network using their advanced and automated processes, and employing their forensic approach to understanding road condition.

The trial will support Cumberland City Council to make informed, data-centred decisions to ensure quality assets into the future. DM Roads is working closely with the council to introduce new solutions, driving better outcomes for our customers and in turn, road users.

Gaist’s philosophy is centred on having the right kind of data to provide a critical understanding of the road condition today and translating that into appropriate treatments.

Using an image-based system to collect a high-resolution digital record of the network they provide customers with the ability to make robust decisions, that are cost-effective.

The company is data system agnostic, having designed the data they produce to be sympathetic with existing systems.

“Our big driver to is give our customers the ability to make the decisions they want to make without having to reprocess data, or bring in consultants,” said Gaist CEO Steve Birdsall.

“Asset management is driven by financial management. The data once we’ve turned it into information can be used now very effectively to leverage funding.”

“Giving our customers the business case that they can take to people that control the budget to not only protect the budget that they have got, but also to leverage more funding from the system,” said Birdsall.

DM Roads is supporting Cumberland Council to be the first to trial this innovative technology in Australia.

Anyone interested in learning more about the technology, including a breakdown of costs and benefits, can contact Alan Dinsdale, Manager – Projects, Bid and Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..