They say it isn’t work if you love what you do. This is truly the case for North East Maintenance Alliance (NEMA) Site Supervisor Jamie-Lee Brown who has found her passion working in construction. 

“I’ve always been passionate about construction,” Jamie-Lee recalls.

“Whether it’s was building a road, a bridge or a high-rise building, it’s always been something that’s fascinated me.”

But if you rewind the clock back to 2017, Jamie-Lee was far from the roadside construction site that she stands on today. She started her career in retail.

“I was a sales representative,” Jamie-Lee-Lee said.

“I sold vacuums, mattresses and computers.”

On her days off from selling staple household items, Jamie-Lee made use of her time by getting her plant and vehicle operator tickets where she would soon learn where her passion truly lied.

“When I was presented with the opportunity to get my competency tickets, I jumped on the chance,” Jamie-Lee said.

“As I was completing my tickets, I had a realisation that this was something I really wanted to pursue. So, I gave up my career selling things and became a labourer.”

Now, working on a Major Works Project for our alliance contract NEMA, Jamie-Lee leads our crews as the Site Supervisor for the Wire Rope Safety Barrier installation along the Western Highway in regional Victoria.

“I get here at 6 am, prepare everything for our pre-start meetings before the rest of the crew and contractors get here at 6:30,” Jamie-Lee said.

“I’m usually out on the field making sure things are getting done, people are where they need to be and doing what they need to do.”

Ensuring that our crews are Zero Harm compliant, Jamie-Lee is also on the constant look out for the safety of both our employees and the public.

In the space of four years, Jamie-Lee has managed to move from Roller Operator to Site Supervisor and attributing her achievements to two things, a strong mentor and support group.

“At the start of this job it was really nerve racking. But the best part are the people I have working around me. They really guided me through my first couple of weeks until I found my own voice and my own feet,” Jamie-Lee said.

“As the Site Supervisor, I’m the person that people fall back on.”

“Prioritising what is important is key. Pleasing everyone is put to the side because you’ve got to use your resources to the best of your ability. “

With that said, Jamie-Lee has earnt the respect of all her crew members for her down to earth personality and you-live-and-learn management approach.

“If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry,” Jamie-Lee says.

It’s her motto and her answer to crew members for whenever things go wrong. It’s an approach that has seen the team reach a milestone in Wire Rope Safety Barrier project in under 9 weeks.

Jamie-Lee hopes to inspire more women like her to strive to achieve their goals by using her own story as an example.

“I like to think if they can see that I can do it, then anyone can do it,” Jamie-Lee said.

“If I can change someone’s life and give them a little bit of motivation, then that’s fantastic.”