First ever Deadly Careers Support Day event hosted in Melton

Kirrip Aboriginal Corporation, Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services and The Exchange joined forces to organise the first ever Deadly Careers Support Day to assist the local indigenous community within the Melton region identify employment opportunities and long-term career pathways.

The careers day gave local indigenous people the opportunity to speak to numerous industry experts about employment pathways and training support, including DM Roads, Good Cycles, Zancott Recruitment, IPA, Coles, Kmart and The Accor Group.

Jobseekers will be supported by Good Cycles and DM Roads to self-determine suitable employment opportunities and will be assisted with work appropriate clothing or equipment, transportation to worksites, tickets, licencing and qualifications.

Kirrip Aboriginal Corporation CEO Peter Webster said it was great to see a high level of engagement in the event and the support on offer to the local community.

“We are very fortunate to hold the Jobs Victoria Advocate position at Kirrip and we represent a vital starting place for self-determination in our local community. Helping a person gain employment not only builds their own confidence, but also sets off a positive chain reaction of opportunity for their family and the communities they live in.”

Kirrip Community Development Manager Adele Tillett added, “Our goal at Kirrip is to create positive outcomes for local indigenous communities and this new network of partnerships is the next step for us in terms of creating meaningful long-term employment opportunities.”

Commenting on the successful event, DM Roads Communications & Development Manager Richard Williams said, “We are committed to creating success for indigenous communities through our work with Good Cycles and the careers day is a really valuable opportunity for our team to meet directly with jobseekers and work with them to find suitable employment opportunities.”

Neil Bailey Good Cycles General Manager of Open Spaces was excited to be back in the Melton community after an absence of six years. He said “This is one step in the right direction. It can’t stop at one. Good Cycles and DM Roads look forward to bringing many positive steps (and leaps) through employment opportunities for local people, families and their communities.”