After 20 years collectively, we have closed our doors at our Sydney head offices and depots.

There to turn off our lights at the PSMC Silverwater depot were three of our inaugural members Jason Vella, Greg Borthwick and Doug Forbes.

Spending more than 13 years at this location, Jason Vella had some fond memories to share about the earlier days of the contract.

“In those early days of the contract we were working out of unbranded hire vehicles with box trailers attached to them, whilst we were waiting for our maintenance
fleet to arrive,” said Jason

However, it was the was the growth and genuine sense of ownership that Jason takes away with him.

“One of the biggest things I had noticed throughout the years is that from the operational teams to staff members grew a genuine sense of network ownership.”

“Real network stewardship is like creating a safety culture, it takes time to cultivate. It requires hard work, good communication and a dedicated team.”

We also say goodbye to our Lane Cove head office, St Mary’s and Windsor depots which were home to our SMC contract.

Over the years this contract has brought together some of our most talented and skilled employees that have served for DM Roads.

On behalf of the entire DM Roads community, we want to extend a big THANK YOU for your service and contribution to our company. Your collective commitment for
continuous improvement has contributed to our overall successes over the years.

Wherever your journeys may take you next, we hope that you’ll keep the memories of have made at DM Roads with you forever.