NEMA are striving to work and act in increasingly sustainable ways – and one of these is by utilising and incorporating Downers Reconophalt product into their program.

By using this innovative product in their design mix for pavement rehabilitations, waste that would otherwise go to landfill or stockpiled is recycled and repurposed into valuable infrastructure within the region.

NEMA have used Reconophalt for the first time to rebuild a degraded 850 metre section of the Hume Freeway at Balmattum, two hours north of Melbourne.

Over 2,100 tonnes of the product was used to form both the base course and intermediate layers. The recycled components used was equivalent to one million glass bottles, 746,000 plastic bags, over 420 tonnes of reclaimed asphalt and toner from 21,800 used printer cartridges.

When compared to other standard mixes, the Reconophalt product shows a 65% improvement in fatigue properties and superior deformation resistance for withstanding heavy vehicular traffic – which is critical to long term performance on major arterial roads, such as the Hume Highway.

Alliance Manager, Asher Sutton says the decision to use Reconophalt will enhance the sustainability aspect of the region.

“Using the Reconophalt product in our rehab program is a great way to do this, while assisting with reducing landfill and providing an optimum product for our client and the community,” Asher said .