Our NEMA contract with Department of Transport’s Regional Roads Victoria, has provided fast and adaptive solutions to keep all road users – especially cyclists - safer as they deliver a huge culvert renewal and replacement program across key tourist routes in Victoria’s Alpine region. The warmer weather months are ideal for both completing road works and for cyclists to enjoy the steep winding roads as experienced during last weekend’s high-profile cycling event, the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.

Prior to the event, NEMA Projects team had completed extensive culvert work along the planned cycling route which involved excavation of a section of pavement.  As the works were still underway, the team, following a discussion with event organisers, decided to pour a temporary layer of hot mix asphalt over the surface to optimise conditions to achieve a smoother and safer ride for the hundreds of cyclists participating in the event.  Adding to this work, the maintenance crews completed inspections, swept and filled potholes along the rest of the route.

Kahlia Dix, Peaks Challenge Event Manager reflected on our crews work ethic and efficiency.

“The team notified us of the works well in advance and by event day the roads were in excellent condition which exceeded our expectations,” Kahlia Dix said.

“We really appreciate the work the crews did to ensure that the road was suitable for our riders to complete the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.”

NEMA has been tasked with upgrading over 60 culvert and drainage sites prior to the commencement of the snow season, while maintaining a safe environment for all road users while the works are completed. 

The culvert renewal and replacement is part of the Victorian government’s $124 million Building Works package, to prevent landslips on key tourist routes.  It is vital these works are completed to ensure culverts and drains on alpine roads are performing, especially during the winter months when impacted by additional rainfall and snow.