Meet DM Roads three wise men!

At DM Roads our people are fundamental to our culture and success. With more than 850 employees Australia wide, it can be eye opening to know just how much experience and talent we have working within our contracts. We took three of our most experienced, knowledgeable and respected employees across the nation and added their years of service within the roads, infrastructure and traffic signal industry all together. The number we got, 112 years. Meet Wally Cerrato (18 years), John McDermott (47 years) and Brian Cockayne (48 years) are our very own three wise men.

Wally Cerrato is our Trade Assistant/ Operator at our ITS contract in Derrimut, Victoria. He jokes that he is our Chief Executive Civil Officer. Though he may not carry that title formally, Wally is certainly considered a Chief when it comes to his knowledge and experience. Wally passes on his knowledge and notes that he enjoys upskilling those that are less experienced.

"We have a bit of a laugh - at my own expense about how long I’ve been within the industry."

Wally is a workhorse and is highly regarded by his colleagues for his passion to finish projects ahead of schedule.

Wally Cerrato

John McDermott is the Senior Maintenance Technician for our ITS Maintenance contract in NSW. With 47 years under his belt, John leads our younger technicians by mentoring and teaching them some tips and tricks of the trade. John has worked within the industry since 1973. He has witnessed the evolution of traffic signals, technology and the increasing importance of safety when working on site.

"The leaps and bounds that have occurred in traffic signals over the past 50 years, especially working with DM Roads is quite spectacular" John notes.

At our ITS Maintenance contract in Sydney, we make a habit of ensuring we sustain the knowledge of our senior technicians by pairing them up with our younger and less experienced electricians.

“I try to teach them to look out for traffic. Look out for members of the public, the vehicles on the road and anything else that will impact your safety.” John describes.

John McDermott

Last of our three wise men (featured today) is our most experienced, Brian Cockayne. Brian is our 48 year veteran who’s worked everywhere from Horticulture, road construction and maintenance to his current role in ITS. His career in ITS began in 1983, where he would go on to spend 37 years repairing, installing and maintaining traffic signals.

“I like taking care of the public – there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to repair a set of traffic lights. Often they don’t realise we have replaced a post overnight ensuring that they can have an easier run to work the next morning”

When a new trade assistant is brought on board, Brian is often there to teach them the ins and outs of the job. Including some aspects of the job that go beyond being an ITS trade assistant worker.

“I teach all the apprentices more than just the electrical side. Often a new electrician will need to know how to dig a hole and fit the post. I teach them how to mix the concrete and other aspects to make sure the job is completed right.”

Brian Cockayne

On behalf of the DM Roads community we greatly appreciate the commitment and passion these three men have brought to the trade. The knowledge they impart on their respective colleagues will be sustained and passed on for generations to come.