Earlier this month a team of DM Roads employees visited the town of Wiluna, WA. The purpose of the trip was to meet with the Martu-ku Yiwarra Training Centre and Martu people to conduct onboarding activities as part of the Goldfields Highway Re-sheeting and Sealing project. The project, undertaken by our DM Roads Rural Network Contract have entered a joint initiative with Main Roads WA to provide employment opportunities to indigenous people through road construction and maintenance projects.

The Martu People are the traditional owners of a large part of the western deserts of Western Australia, and continue to practice their traditional law, language and culture.

Over two days our team spent time getting to know the Martu people of Wiluna.  Seven employees (Brogan Ashwin, Juan Jefferies, Stewart Long, Roy Walker, Miranda Long, Zareth Long and Roderick Stevens) were brought on board to assist DM Roads in road construction for a 6-week project. The construction project would play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between two major roads which is often travelled to visit family in nearby towns and connect them to essential services.  This is a big social outcome for the Martu.


 Chantel Van Wieringen, People & Culture Business Partner WA - Roads and a member of the team that took part in the two day visit had a positive experience connecting with the youths. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Wiluna listening, conversing and learning from the Martu people. It’s great that DM Roads can provide the opportunity for people to develop long lasting skills and gain experience through employment opportunities in road construction. “

The skills learnt in training prior to the project, and then developed and refined during the project, are highly transferable to other employment pathways in and around Wiluna.