DM Roads recently delivered an Australian-first trial to improve visibility along along a winding section of road, in an area with frequent high-density fog.

For this project, we partnered with OmniGrip Direct to apply Safety Path’s Enhanced Visibility Linemarking, which is designed to improve night-time road safety along dark high-risk roads. It’s the first ever application of photoluminescent thermoplastic linemarking in Australia.

The works completed on this section of road covers approximately 3.5km on continuous 100mm edge lines.

This innovative linemarking solution incorporates photoluminescent pigments so that at night, the lines emit the light they’ve stored during the day to provide additional guidance to drivers and motorcycle riders.

DM Roads is committed to working with customers to provide greener and smarter surface solutions which improve road safety, reduce maintenance and operational costs and emissions from the use of electricity for road lighting.

OmniGrip Direct is a SmarterLite Group company, which also includes Safety Path. Safety Path specialises in photoluminescent road and building safety technology

Safety Path received a three-year grant from the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund to research improved photoluminescent linemarking for use on dark regional roads.

Similar trials and installations at other locations are underway across Victoria.