DM Roads and Good Cycles have partnered up to offer an even smoother ride for everyone.

Our Western Region Maintenance Contract (MRAMS) maintains 66 kilometres of shared user paths (SUPs) in the North West of Melbourne along the Hume, Western and Metropolitan Ring road Freeways.

Previously we would use utility vehicles with flashing lights to undertake inspections of these SUPs. After some feedback from customers of near misses and pedestrian concerns we decided to explore safer options for our customers.

We recently engaged the services of Good Cycles, social enterprise creating jobs for young people, to undertake these inspections and we are happy to report our first cycle was completed!

DM Roads employee Frank Romeo was paired with Nathan from Good Cycles, . Frank trained Nathan in hazard and defect identification on SUPs with inspections to be completed via bike. After a thorough audit of the inspection, we found 100% compliance to our contract which is a fantastic result and a tremendous job by Nathan!

Good Cycles is a social enterprise that provides commercial asset management services while creating job opportunities for young people at risk. Good Cycles uses its commercial revenue to create new long-term employment for disadvantaged youth.

By partnering with Good Cycles, DM Roads offers safer and more environmentally friendly solutions to SUPs inspections. By replacing our previous tool of inspection with a bike, we reduce impact on vegetation on the network and an overall reduction on carbon emissions.

Be sure to give a friendly wave to Nathan next you see him if you’re out and about!