DM Roads North West Tasmania Road Maintenance contract and the Department of State Growth (DSG) Tasmania have achieved the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia interim rating for an IS Operations model in their first year!

This achievement is a milestone in a three-year journey DM Roads and DSG have embarked on to gain the ultimate ISCA recognition. The rating recognises the economic, social and environmental approach DM Roads have taken to deliver services. DSG's performance-based contract model is a first for Tasmania and has allowed DM Roads to deliver innovative solutions such as;

• First ISO 55001 Asset Management accreditation for a Tasmanian road network

• First contract in Tasmania to utilise battery powered equipment to reduce noise and greenhouse gas emissions, and

• Use of recycled materials not previously used in Tasmania in road construction, further reducing greenhouse gasses and diverting waste going to landfill.

The IS Rating scheme is an Australian and New Zealand only comprehensive rating system for Infrastructure. The scheme evaluates sustainability across four categories, Governance, Economic, Environmental and Social of which planning, design, construction and operational phases of infrastructure are also considered. The aim of the IS scheme is to provide a framework around sustainability, fostering a culture of efficiency and waste reduction.

Our North West Tasmania Road Maintenance contract have gone above and beyond with efforts to implement sustainable solutions for Tasmanian road users. We are the first contract in Tasmania to utilise recycled material for road maintenance which results in a 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and diversion of waste to landfill. These solutions are creating improved durability on Tasmanian roads providing better experiences for the local community.

As part of the IS rating, we gained recognition for our community focussed delivery with the project creating more jobs and more opportunities for those residing locally.

This was an amazing effort and achievement by all individuals involved. Well done team!