In Western Australia DM Roads Delivery Services was awarded a project for the Shire of Goomalling, to conduct a pavement condition survey and pavement design for nine kilometres rural road.

The AMIS Enterprise Visual Assessment Tool (AMIS VAT) was utilised to define uniformly performing sectioning on site, pavement condition survey, location and condition of culverts.

The condition survey data was supplemented with the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) pavement strength data and the horizontal and vertical road alignment was extracted from the GoPro video recordings.

A strip map available in the AMIS Visualisation (AMIS VIS) function was configured to display all the relevant data in sync with the video of the sites.

Goomalling was the first project to trial the new AMIS Tactical Analysis Tool (AMIS TAT) for automated treatment selection based on visual condition.

The detailed pavement investigation and design identified four areas for gravel overlay rehabilitation.

The automated treatment selection lookup identified correctly rehabilitation for two out of four areas and a lighter pavement repair treatment for some of the remaining two areas. This allowed further refinement of the parameters to make the automated treatment selection more reliable for future applications.

A trial implementation of various AMIS functionalities in this project has shown that the AMIS application and process can be utilised for rapid backlog analysis, maintenance and renewal program development, which can be applied for future projects on local government or authorities road network.