Last week Western Australia Business Manager, Noel Marshall and Roadworks Traffic Manager, Gino Stefani from our WA team represented DM Roads at the Constable Care Safety School – Emergency Services Day. 
The pair took the opportunity to teach the kids about the Red Zone, the ten metre exclusion zone to reduce plant and pedestrian interaction risks. The Red Zone was introduced by the Downer Zero Harm team as part of Ben Hur – Working in live traffic roadshow in 2019.  

Noel and Gino used a fun and interactive game to teach the kids about the principles of the red zone and illustrate the reality of how close ten metres is. 

“We wanted to teach our Zero Harm principles to the kids to keep themselves safe near vehicles and live traffic,” said Noel Marshall, Business Manager. 

Constable Care is a child safety foundation committed to teaching children about safety and crime prevention concepts. Last year DM Roads partnered up with Constable Care to help develop its first transport safety centre. 

For more information about Constable Care visit their website here